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Отчет о поступлении и расходовании средств в 2007 г.

GRANTEE: Regional Non-Governmental Organization
«International Protection Center»
PERIOD REPORT COVERS: 01.01.08-31.03.08
(insert beginning and ending dates of reporting period)
CONVERSION INFORMATION: (MUST be completed if applicable)
For the Grantee:
«Expenditures This Period» incurred in currency other than US dollars were converted to US dollars
for purposes of this report at the rate of 24,21= US$1.00
Salaries$25 200$18 886,36$6 250,54$25 136,90
Benefits, Taxes, and Allowances
3 578
2 681,86887,583 569,44
Space and Utilities4 8003 585,401 210,374 795,77
Supplies and Equipment2 2802 000,56559,232 559,79
Communications and Postage2 642851,721 663,272 514,99
Other Direct Costs500300,05123,60423,65
GRAND TOTAL$39 000$28 305,95$10 694,59$39 000,54
 check sum$39 000,54

* «Prior Expenditures on all reports after the initial Financial Report should be the same as the
«Total Expenditures» on the previous report. Any variations must be annotated and explained.